Tuesday, December 11, 2012

We're ready for our close up!

"Are you comfortable getting naked for the camera?"

Yes, that was the same pause my co-host, Jorita gave me on the way to our Earresistible Winter Photo Shoot. I knew her answer, but just had to ask. In true form and fashion, I'm always the one to push the envelope, walk on the edge, and of course, show a little bit of "boob" in the process.

Following two months of meetings, re-formatting and breathing some life into our new line-up, we were ready to get back to work. It was weird to still receive letters and messages inquiring if one of us had been locked up again. But for the record, we're both free as a bird. I will testify that it was my hectic work schedule that demanded heavy travel for the past two months. It was only sensible for us to both take a break and return to the airwaves 110% committed to our show.

After calling one of the most hottest photographers; Vincent of Sargas Media, to open his studio for a 5-hour shoot, we accomplished that "Crazy Sexy Cool" that our listeners and fans have grown to love. So I want to officially thank him for producing some of the best shots I've ever seen.

Our 1 hour show goes live again on Monday December 17. And will only air on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays. In addition to our lovely special guest hosts, we aim to do more "free giveaways" and contest. So please, tell a friend, to tell a friend, to tell a friend....."WE'RE BACK!"

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Overnight Celebrity

"Can I be a guest on the show?" This has become a daily request since we hit the airwaves and made it our own. And I must admit, that when we get the chance to bring in a third opinion, it always makes for high rating. We generally plan our day hours before we go live. So in the event that we have a weekly line-up prepared, we invite all interested parties to email us directly for more information. Although we prefer all guests to join us in the studio, it's not a requirement. A simple telephone call in a quiet room will be just fine.

All guests are anyomous, unless you choose otherwise. (DISCLAIMER: Giving your name will lead to being "stalked" and labeled as an official Earresistible guest employee who's requirement is to buy lunch for your fellow co-workers and boss!) We do request that your opinion is fresh, fun and light-hearted. Hey, it's only thousands upon thousands of people listening in.

If you are a business owner and would like to promote your services or an upcoming event, we got you covered. Free of charge, we can advertise what you do best! We offer free gifts to our listeners as well. So if you'd like to donate goods, services, or alcoholic beverages, email us the information and mail the liquor directly to Tawana.

Thanks for tuning in....SMOOCHES!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

When do we get an off day?

The alarm goes off at 7:00 am. It's Saturday morning, the kids are sleep and I, unfortunately must start my day. We have 27 Facebook messages, 86 Twitter mentions and 188 emails. My official "off day" is just as hectic as my Monday.

Our typical work day begins at 12 noon. Jorita and I stationed directly across from one another but not in plain sight due to the mics, laptops.....and liquor bottles. I generally ask her how much time she needs for advertising and then tell her how much time I need for entertainment. After a few mic checks, guest verifications and general notes, we are clear to get started.

We don't rehearse. We don't talk about our topics before hand. We don't hit pause, have "do overs" and have agreed that no question, topic or discussion is off limits. But if you know either one of us personally, you can testify that what we do for that one hour show, is what we do everyday. Off air, there is no letter of the day. Off air we don't have to take a break. Off air, we don't get to sign off until tomorrow.

But on air, while you are tuned in; we are the best hour of your day. We read every letter. Reply to every email and advertise for every company, free of charge! We are two regular chicks, who live regular lives.  We pride ourselves on turning a small idea into a big deal. So we want to thank each and every listener, fan, friend and family member who has made this such a success! Keep showing support, it only gets better from here!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Earresistible Radio FAQ

Being half of one of the most popular radio shows has its perks. Club appearances, social media connections and the most craziest emails! With our "private" lives no longer private, I wanted to answer some of the most frequently asked questions that we received. Keep em' coming people, we love your love!

5. Do you ladies really drink in the studio?
Lol! Our jobs are to entertain you for one hour each day. So if that requires a shot of VSOP, please allow us to do so without judgement. But honestly, we are sober at work.

4. Are you both single?
Jorita is happily married, although no one in the family was invited to the wedding! Tawana is single, depending on what day it is.

3. Do you let your kids listen to the show?
We have kids that range from 2 to 10 years old. Our content can be extremely racy and our choice of words are sometimes worse....so OF COURSE we let them listen. This is going to prepare them for their future!

2. What happened to DJ Charlee Brown?
Because we record from a studio on the East coast it made it difficult for him to export music from Texas on a daily basis. In other words, we figured out how to do his job and fired his ass!

1. Is that your real eye color?
Yes, Jorita was blessed with green eyes and Tawana has hazel eyes. Now if we're talking about hair, nails, eye lashes, tan or ass.....we brought that shit from CVS! BOOM

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Please say it ain't so....

"OK we go live in 3 minutes!" With laptops booted up, mics checked and notes ready; I was STILL nervous about having my voice, my laughter, and my opinion displayed for the world to hear. "Good afternoon everybody, you have just tuned into EarResistible Radio", I belted out with a smile on my face. My co-host was ready, my DJ...well my DJ was miles away without the pressure of Day 1. It was a success, over 2,000 listeners. Tuesday 3,100, Wednesday almost 5,000 and Thursday; well let's just say Thursday was a day that would go down in history!

So if you were one of the ONLY people who didn't tune into the Monday August 20th show, then I can tell you Thursday was the day my lovely co-host Jorita had to go to jail to serve a 30 day sentence. Yes, your reaction was just as intense as mine. "I just started this show, what am I going to do?" I couldn't get a replacement, we were a team (besides this bitch made me sign a contract!). I had no choice but to wait it out and hope that upon her return we can pick up where we left off.

And I did just that. After an overwhelming response of followers and listener archive results; I knew that we belonged back on the airwaves. We've scaled back to a one hour show. Our DJ is off working on his own album. And EarResistible radio is once again, #1!

We're on a mission ladies and gentlemen. We've studied, we've learned, we've perfected, we've taken over! BOOM!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

EarResistible Radio?

"Girl I have a business proposition for you!" The words I said to my younger sister, best friend and Co-Host Jorita Meredith. Now it took days for me to gather all the information, Plan B, financial figures and "worst case scenarios" before I could even call this bitch with my idea. "I want a radio show about everything they CAN'T and WON'T talk about on the radio. I want it edgy and sexy. I'm talking about cup of Wendy Williams, mixed with a dash of Howard Stern and a whole heaping of Playboy Mansion." She was quiet for a moment and then after a quick laugh she replied, "I'm in."

Now if you don't know Jorita aka "Ms. Pussycat", she can appear to come off as a sweet, crazy, religious, sinner with a nasty attitude. But you gotta love her! She is exactly what I need to make this radio show funny and exciting. She would be the voice and personality that would make you tune in everyday! This divorced mother of three is an open book. She holds no punches, will admit when she's wrong and is always (and I mean always) up for a heated discussion. This is my "ace in the hole".

Every superhero needs some theme music right? And I knew just who to call, DJ Charlee Brown. This New York native, made Houston TX his home and music his life.  It had been two years ago when I hired this young man to work in one of my stores and I knew that his East Coast roots and Southern Hospitality would be the icing on the cake. So let me warn you now; his mix ain't to be played with and ladies; he's very single and easy on the eyes!

Which then leaves me; Producer, Host and brains behind "EarResistible Radio". I'm a firm believer of great entertainment, which means nothing is off limits and everything is up for discussion. From 2:00-4:00 pm Monday - Friday, I will be your best friend or worst enemy. I have been single, married, cheated on, cheated with, hell I have been through some shit! But who hasn't. I can guarantee that this will be the best and most interesting 2 hours of your day! Everything I've set my mind to has been a success, so please add this one to the list!


Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Paying Child Support Dosen't Make You A Good Parent

Now earlier last week, my significant other had to go out of town on business. This would be the absolute first time I've ever had to take care of all three kids alone. Waking up at 6 am, feeding baby, getting the two oldest dressed, fed and off to school. Preparing lunch, getting myself together for work and dropping everyone off on time. Working 9 hours on my feet, driving through 45 minutes of traffic to pick them up by 630. Doing 1st and 2nd grade homework, 10 month old walking (yes, I said walking) around and starting dinner. Bath them up, iron clothes for the next day, rocking baby to sleep...it had to be about 1030 before I realized I hadn't even had time to come out my heels. I take my hat off to the single parents who do it on the daily.

Now my issue came in when I overheard a friend of a friend, referring to the fact that she has two children that live with her mother but she pays her $300.00 a month for child support. I normally don't care how one handles their own private affairs but this chick rents out a condo downtown, drives a nice ass Audi, maintained the same Corporate job for the past two years and faithly hits the club at least once a week. I've seen a case of stupidity like this before but more so with the "Baby's Daddy". But for a grown ass woman to basically pawn off their kids sickens me. When do you decide that whatever is going on at the club takes precedence over your child's upbringing? The first walks, first teeth, first words...you don't get back. I can see if you were in the military or even in some form of rehab or hospital care but you are physically capable of being there but choose not to.

I'm not ok with knowing that someone is tucking my child in each night, that they are now calling someone else "Mommy" and you by first name only. That in a couple of years when that child has grown he's associated nothing to you in the accomplishments he's made. And in one quick moment as I listened to her run down her weekends plans, I couldn't help but wonder at what point in her life will she wake up and realize that her baby now belongs to someone else.

What happened to the mothers that could squeeze a dollar out of fifteen cents? I guess times have changed for everyone. For whatever reason, these so-called mothers think as long as they write that check they're doing their part. Really? Well after my "single mom" experience last week theres no amount of money that can replace the physical when it comes to taking care of kids. So the next time you hear them bragging and boasting about "People are always hating on me, or I'm handling my business", refrain from smacking the shit out of them. These are what I now call "Little Girls" that have their priorities all fucked up!